Progress Report #1: Tasmia

When I finally got back to working on my book, Some Effing Advice, I hadn’t written any new material for about four months. Once I started getting back into the flow of punching out words, I had a sense of deep confusion as I was writing.

Now, I’d had blocks before, and learned that if I just stuck with it everything would eventually be cool. But this was different. With every word I wrote, the ever present thought Where the hell is this going? was in my head.

And if I was confused, how could a reader ever follow the story?

I wondered if this deep confusion as one is writing was normal. So I googled “do you ever feel deeply confused while writing”.

Google came through for me. I ended up using two methods from this site regarding how to plan one’s story: the vomit draft, where you just write every vague thing swirling in your head regarding your story, and the beat sheet, where you write every beat of each scene.

So, it turns out that the confusion was a result of epic pantsing. You know how they always say write with an end in mind? I didn’t even have an end in mind! Anyway, I’ll probably always be a seat-of-the-pants writer, but now that I have a slightly better idea of where the story is headed, it is much easier to write.


Day 1: deeply confused writing

Day 2: vomit draft/beat sheet

Day 3: completed beat sheet as far as I’m sure of the story, will have to figure out the rest of the scenes as I get there

Day 4: did nothing regarding my story!

Day 5: starting writing out the scenes outlined in the beat sheet. (I actually handwrote it for the first time, because I forgot my laptop charger at home.)

Day 6: didn’t actually write anything new, but typed up the stuff I wrote the day previous.

Day 7: wrote 400 words of new material.

Yay for the first ever progress report on GYSD! For those interested in submitting progress reports of their own, know that you can write it in whatever style you wish.

Til next week!






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